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Works In Progress

Below are synopses of all my books in their various stages of development. I'll be updating my progress regularly on each of these.


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A Draw Of Dust And Blood

In the rugged frontier of Eldoria where glintstorms rage with the fury of ancient gods, Sadie Longfel is a young girl navigating the outlaw life under the guidance of her Uncle Jeth and the charismatic gang leader, Ander Sorensen. Her unique ability to detect elarium, a precious mineral, keeps her family afloat until a disastrous heist leads to her brother's abduction by the enigmatic Reapers.

Defying Ander, Sadie escapes with the help of her wounded uncle, who enlists Cullyn Blackmore, a bounty hunter with a haunted past and a death wish no one can grant to take Sadie on to find her brother. Aided on the trail by Vensia Calaveras of the Kethari Sisterhood, the road to find the Reapers entwines with the grand machinations of Zephaniah Bronzespire, a railroad magnate whose ambitions bring Cullyn's past to the fore, testing bonds of trust as motives are laid bare.


At the end of the line when worlds clash, Sadie must come to terms with a destiny she never saw coming, or risk losing everyone she holds dear.

"True Grit" meets "The Shadow of the Gods" in this heart-pounding fantasy western, set within the new fantasy world of Te'ralm.


Royal Automata

The widow of a famed knight, Raelyn Bottriel enters a contest of swordsmanship to avenge her late husband. In the process she begins to uncover a multi layered conspiracy, the roots of which could rewrite her own past as she knows it.

Hallith Alesis is a scholar, promising wardscribe, and son of a noble family seeking to prove himself to his much lauded mentor Professor Trast, when a prodigious young boy is brought in and usurps his position as the lead on a top secret project known as Royal Automata.

As paths converge, past betrayals and future calamities will come to light bringing the city of Illastine to it's knees--and leading Raelyn and Hallith to choose where their allegiances truly lie.

'A Knight's Tale', meets Netflix's 'Arcane' in this magic-infused techno thriller rooted in a gothic-noir setting.

Royal Automata Proto Cover.png


The Roar and the Clash

Warfare in the land of Aladire has long been replaced by the brutal and thrilling sport of Shieldball, as State Houses vie for honor and dominance each League season.

Gelltian kel Duin was once a lauded Shieldball forerunner for House Leonin until tragedy struck.

When the Duchess of House Leonin herself requests him to return to be it's new commander, Gelltian must reconcile with his one shot at redemption, bring the dysfunctional team together.and just maybe win back his estranged family while restoring the pride of Leonin.

Gladiator meets Ted Lasso in in a new greco-roman inspired fantasy world, in a fast paced sports underdog story, centered around the sport of Shieldball. (Capture the flag meets NFL football with blunted swords and shields)


Will of the Founders

When a troubled young boy named Ryonth is caught stealing from a powerful family, his dormant magical abilities are uncovered propelling him into the Akadem for the Illustrious Gifted, as a rare 'Will of the Founders', born outside of noble and magical blood.


He quickly gains new friends and makes many more enemies through his first days of study at the Akadem, where all too soon he'll learn the truth is rarely what it seems, and trust is as thin a veil as the illusory magic he's begun to wield.

The Prestige meets The Atlas Six in this dark academia heist laced with mystery and intrigue.

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