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Deth of the Auld Gods

From the unfinished manuscripts of Galed Hallias, Deemer Adept First Class

Book Three, Chapter Five: The Gods of Auld

For every question there lies in wait an answer.

For each action taken, an equal and opposite reaction.

And for each of the great powers in our world, there must be a greater controlling force.

Therein lies impetus for the ongoing belief and devotion to the Gods of Auld. Here in this savage frontier of Norhen--claimed and named as the great frontier--the Norns prescribe all manner of worth, reverence and awe to Thyund, so called great commander of the skies, wielder of all storms and their wrath. Or take Fryse for example, whom is alleged to bring winter's freezing touch to the northern reaches.

All the while these alleged Divine watch our Berathin empire take hold of the land and the wealth of elaric powers beneath to which the divine holds claim.

And look to the southlands, where the Sanguine people out all their riches and keenness of mind to accrue more wisdom of the sea, where they offer tribute to Trida to allow them safe passage amongst the shimmering isles.

Were these divine lords to exist, would not all humana have been subjugated unto them three fold and ten times over? What reason then in all their infinite control of the elements and the and wisdom therein, would these deities have to suffer our frailty?

For this question, there is indeed an answer, or rather two possible conclusions:

First, that the Gods of Auld are complete falsehoods.

Or, that these Gods of Auld hide away because of their shameful failure.

The keen mind asks: What could the nature be of such a failure, that even those who transcend any force humana has known here upon Te'ralm?

Yet, this failing is readily evidenced by humana's own epochs of disaster, warring, violence and cruelty.

Why would these old Gods allow such travesties to befall a creation to which they lay partial claim? Out of a simple nonchalance? Would not the mind of a God have altogether too much capacity and desire to further and to ensure the infinitude of their own immense power to be known, shown, revealed and reveled in?

I propose that it is not a withdrawal or out of resignation that they have abandoned Te'ralm, but because of their own failure to sustain and to protect all Creation from the corruptness that now fills it. And while one may argue that this corruption indeed is a wellspring of our own blackened depravity like so much seething odorous tarr from beneath shale and stone, it is my belief there is more at play than we are willing to see.

For to be willing to see such truth is to subject oneself to the hopeless reality that yes, the Gods of Auld failed us. They have abandoned us now, to our own cruel and insidious devices that threaten to undo us with discriminant and unfeeling prejudice.

In my olding age I have questioned my faith in the Enevian Way many times and find more ways in which to do so by the hour observing these latest days. Still, the ancient wisdom and prophecy hold weight and sway, now that I realize what our great emperyan has wrought, and since being here in this land we ravage I see it all the clearer, my dreams tormenting me with a simple truth.

That the wages of what we reap from the land-never meant to be taken--must be repaid. For remaining in our hands the twisting of the energies inherent to all Creation as we ascend toward our own forms of godhood, is a debt of Deth itself. And as all tolls come due, we dwell now absent of the divine, the Gods of Auld gone from our days, their ashamed eyes and ruined spirits turned from our plight.

Minan help us all.

And in those days of Reckoning, all will know the darkened skies and tumult of wynds scouring the lands. For from below there will come a beckoned roar of thunder to rage in harmony with the looming tyrant, who waits to tear asunder our dwelling place, to the ends of our doom and void's dawn.

- From the Chronicle of Enev, Book of Kelgoth, Chapter 27, Verses 3 - 4

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