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Devoted Things

Joshua 7 - The Sin Of Achan

The coveted, a covering

A false hood over all of me

A heavy shroud, a bath of dark

A longing for the wrongest heart

Devoted things meant for destruction 

Subvert their fate at my own gumption

Heaping coals meant to burn

Granting all manner of spurn

Taken in the throes of battle

The thrill of plunder ever addled

Desire cries more, desire cries now. 

Pleasures fleeting to which I cow

Devoted things have a way about them

Unspoken surreptitious aura 

Pleasing presence, sinister soothsay,

"Here is all you need. Look not beyond my means."

Meant for destruction, saved from fire

Retrieved at cost of flesh asunder

Allegiance twisted to means, not the end

Devotion rended from my grasp

And while I vow 'never again'

In the self same breath plead amends

Not with self or pride or God

But to the devoted thing that is now gone

The itch never to be scratched enough

Till flesh reveals all the more blood

The festering down deep within 

A thirst to slake at endless whims

Yet in the fleeting light that breaks

Betwixt the clouds of bitter fate

There I found my hope to break

The power that I now abate

Hoping endless in hollowed heart

Might be filled with power stark

Strength enough to break these binds

And shackle down these things of mine

Devotion again my own to give 

Mourning no more, my soul to live

A taking back of what was lost

A mending fresh of broken parts

Lest I fool myself again

To be on guard, on this stand

Evermore, you devoted things

Your own destruction you will reap

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