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Beginning's End

You’ve been searching for a long time.

And here now at the terminus of all roads—it ends.

It ends how it began—with you.

A figment of your mind

A facsimile of what could be.

You’ve been hiding away for a long time.

The sun burns like a lashing tongue,

The wind against your skin threatening

A shredding and shedding.

You’ve been running amid pursuit of dreams

Never quite sure where ambition leads

Wondering willful with woeful mind

Whether these nightmares rob me blind?

It begins with you and first fated steps

Beyond what you know into unknown depths

Out from under a fragile shelter

Into the magnitude of eternity’s breath.

It continues to infinitude

Amalgamed peace a striving reach

Memories playing anxieties

Manifesting movie screens.

You’ve been longing for the never seen

Only touched in deepest sleep

Out of reach, a life desired

Given credence by way of fire.

Perhaps this starvation from all we aren’t:

Keeps us moving

Keeps us running

Keeps us hoping

Keeps us healing

Keeps us searching

It begins where it ends, then on to the next.

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