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Remember the Future

Remember the future, when things will no longer be as they are.

Remember your little girl, who will not always seek comfort for skinned knees.

Remember the love for the wife of your youth, only ripening on the vine if only you tend it.

Remember the sweetness of the newborn cry, who's tambre is lost amid life's cacophonous fray.

Remember the innocence of their words first spoken, knowing well the jaded taint of this world one day coat them--as they have yours.

Remember pain, for within is life to the full, and without all sweet and bitter muddle.

Remember that a life well lived is one well loved.

Remember days long gone, the hours fleeting present and the years yet to come.

Remember your Maker in all you sow, reap, make, take, give, and receive.

Remember the days in which you have thrived, so that in barren times ahead and behind you might shout gratitude to the skies above, the heavens from whence came and now come every good and perfect thing.

Manna. Rain. Life.

Provision. Goodness. Mercy.

And so in all these things, find reprieve, relief, restoration, renewal.

Here at the start and the end of all things.

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