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Join the Order Kethari.

Seek out the Future.

Fight the looming Dark.

Discover the Secrets of the Kethari Order

Step into the hallowed halls of the Loristal. Here, legends and songs of old are stored on tome and scroll. Memories of human life and times kept within the archival stones, collected by warrior lorists of the Sisterhood Kethari, and watched over by the Kethari Brethren of archivists and scholars. The Loristal holds the secrets of Te'ralm's past and the key it's fated future, and perhaps those of remnant realms worlds yet unseen....

Access to Exclusive Stories and Lore 

Subscribe and gain access to a treasure trove of short stories, flash fiction, and hidden lore. Delve deep into the mysteries of the world of Te'ralm.


As a paid subscriber starting in March 2024, you'll receive a weekly message notifying you one of the following entries pulled from the Loristal, and archived for future viewing:

  • Enthralling Short Stories and Flash Fiction: Delve into the heart of Te'ralm with tales that breathe life into its vast landscapes and remnant realms.

  • Legends, Songs, and Sacred Texts: Exploits of warriors, rulers and the fated few as recorded by bards and philosophers through the ages. Excerpts from the sacred texts of the Holy Chronicles, and The Wills of Kethar.

  • Preludes to Upcoming Novels: Receive exclusive early glimpses into narratives within the 'Remnant Divine' connected universe.

  • Articles from 'Codex Enexia': Explore detailed accounts of Te'ralm's histories, its creatures, the lay of the land, and the secrets it holds.

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